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Caleb coker fort - Customer Service Tips

Caleb Coker Fort is a professional real estate agent who also has experience of customer service field.

Caleb Coker Fort has a decade of experience in the real estate industry and he was nominated for multiple awards in recognition of his excellent attention to detail, client handling and management and more.

Customer service tips like these are just the start of what such a seasoned professional could offer:

·Tools and Systems Matter

If you’re managing a customer service team, provide them with the right tools and systems to get the job done. Teams that aren’t outfitted correctly will have trouble pleasing customers regardless of how well they’re trained, and you’ll see much better results if you remedy the problem as soon as possible.

·Focus on Listening and Communication

Without excellent listening and communication skills, Caleb Coker Fort wouldn’t have achieved what he did for his company as a professional realtor. Update yourself (and your team, if applicable) regularly on listening and communication skills for the best-possible customer feedback.

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