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Caleb Coker Fort - Preparing to Invest

Caleb Coker Fort is a real estate investing agent from Spartanburg, South Carolina. Caleb Coker Fort is dedicated to building wealth for clients through extraordinary investments strategies.

If you would like to approach investing intelligently, so that you can make the most out of your wealth, consult a financial professional for personalized advice. Your advisor will likely help you through steps like those below long before he or she advises you to begin your investment portfolio.

Set Financial Goals – Understanding your financial goals is a prerequisite to saving, investing or making any other moves with your finances. You should know what your short-term, mid-term and long-term goals are, and how you will reach them. This can be handled alone or with an investment advisor.

Eliminate Debt – Debt interest will almost always cost you more than you will make with investment earnings. Save for a small emergency fund, if you’re in debt, then the majority of your financial focus should be on fixing that issue.

Build Savings – A stable emergency fund should be able to support you for three to six months with no other income. Before you invest, be sure that your extra money is put toward your savings; this money will also cover unexpected auto repairs, medical emergencies and other life happenings.

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